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Traditional "office culture" is full of so many common tropes, characteristics, and practices that even offices across the country and in totally different industries are virtually identical. Office culture is the subject of everything from stock photography to pop culture parodies, and it's a subject of dread for many office workers tired of the same culture that's been around for decades. In what many would argue is a fortunate turn of events, many of these long-held office fundamentals are starting to become obsolete.

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Every business has unique goals, just as it has industry-specific risks. Achieving those goals while minimizing the potential risks is what every risk management plan strives to achieve. The risk management process includes several key elements to ensure that any business can prepare for the worst and plan for the future. These include determining risks, understanding and prioritizing them based on occurrence and severity, developing a plan to reduce and mitigate those risks, and reviewing the process regularly to ensure effectiveness.

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Unfortunately, this year is not same like before as most of us are keeping a distance from our moms for the sake of safety. Mom feel the power with sons and as a son, we all want to give all happiness of life to our mother. To describe the beauty of Mom and Son relationship and bond, I have a collection of a few wonderful poems for you that you can use to wish your Mom on this event.

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